hoo dis: the faq
  • tim
  • 19
  • born korea
  • lived in australia for 10 years
  • now in mexico
  • thank u for your time
  • no i do not like kpop
  • and no i am not your fav kpop member
  • what the fuck is a ulzzang stop calling me that
  • seriously the fuck is a ulzzang is that some scientology shit? no thanks im good.
  1. wingedelf said: Beautiful.
  2. ahsatan said: please i didn’t know you were a small child omg
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    1.) you look a whole lot older than 19…pwahahaha 2.) dfkdkfjkdj yes. come to America. 3.) I love your blog 4.) you are a...
  4. niggfreecss said: only asia man all of mexico
  5. ethereon said: Are you the only asia man in all of Mexico?
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